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When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears. I am so grateful. I am more alive and enlightened. Lori is a gentle, yet powerful soul.  I so appreciate her honesty and desire to help others remove the muck and mire that keeps us from moving forward on the journey”
Charlotte, NC

"Lori was able to reach me in ways that other intuitives couldn't touch. She was able to reach back into my past and find what was holding me back. She has brought back a glow to my life. So much that people have told me that I finally look rested. Thank you, Lori!"
Fort Mills, SC

"When I first went to see Lori, I was skeptical. However, after a few minutes I was able to ascertain her amazing psychic aptitude. She was able to recount my recurring nightmares without any probing and even was able to mention my obscure weakness for french fries as well as well as tendencies in romance. She could even tell me when I was going to meet my next boyfriend, and she was correct. I've been recommending her for years to friends and will continue to do so."
Omaha, NE

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A session will help Lori zero in on the energy(s) that are blocking parts of you, your soul, your goals, your money, your job, your love, your health, opportunities and  remove the negative energy immediately.   
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